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Berkeley Carroll School
181 Lincoln Place, Brooklyn  NY  11217
2009 – 2013     Ariel Dineen, Nina Austin
Vanessa Prescott, Director of Admissions ~ “Berkeley Carroll fosters strong relationships between students and teachers, and the school strives to create learning experiences that foster intellectual curiosity and imagination grounded in disciplined study.
Located in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn, Berkeley Carroll shares its neighborhood with the cultural heritage provided by the neighboring Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and Prospect Park. A culturally diverse body of approximatly 110 full time teachers comprise the Berkeley Carroll faculty. Peer leadership is an integral part of the school’s advising system.
We would like to thank the Acworth Foundation for their support of Nina Austin and Ariel Dineen.  Both families are truly grateful for this opportunity.  The girls feel honored that they are the recipients of your generous annual scholarship.”


Boston University Academy
One University Road, Boston MA  02215
2009 – 2013     Andrew Connors, Efthalia Kaynor
Paige Brewster, Interim Director of Admissions ~ “The mission of Boston Academy is to educate talented students who are passionate about learning and who share the joy of inquiry.  Engaging with dedicated teachers in a small and caring community, students first immerse themselves in a classically based curriculum and then continue their intellectual interests at Boston University, a major research university.
On behalf of the Academy’s faculty and administration, I thank you again for the Foundation’s generosity and continued commitment to Lia and Andrew.  Our community has benefitted immensely from their involvement.”


The College Preparatory School
6100 Broadway, Oakland  CA 94618
2009 – 2013      Isabel Lyndon, Angela Williams Van-Steenberg
Jonathan Zucker, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid ~ “The College Preparatory School is an independent coeducational day school, grades 9-12, for intellectual risk takers who want to pursue a serious, purposeful education with others who feel the same way.
College Prep faculty members engage in focused learning interactions with every student.  Every year, the high standards of scholarship and character attracts motivated students from all over the Bay Area. The student body reflects broad racial, ethnic, and economic diversity. On behalf of the students who benefit directly from your generosity of Acworth Foundation, please accept my thanks for your generosity. Your gift helps to assure that Angela Williams Van-Steenberg and Isabel Lyndon can partake in all that College Prep has to offer.”


Commonwealth School
151 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston  MA  02116
2009 – 2013      Sophia Bucci, Tahmid Rhaman
Janetta Stringfellow, Director of Development – “Located in Boston’s Back Bay, Commonwealth offers students from all backgrounds a chance to join a community of individuals who care about learning. Built on academic rigor, constructive energy, and mutual respect. Through a City of Boston course, internship projects, and community service program, Commonwealth also provides its students outstanding opportunities to learn.
Our mission is to educate young people from diverse backgrounds to become knowledgeable, thoughtful, and creative adults, capable of careful analysis , fruitful cooperation, responsible leadership, and deep commitment. We feel that Thamid and Sophia are very strong candiates – both fit the Foundation’s criteria through academic potential and strength of character.”  


Darlington School
1014 Cave Spring Road, Rome GA  30161
2007 – 2008      Renard Carlos, Matthew Carlos
Stormy S. Johnson, Director of Admission ~ “Darlington faculty and students continue a 103-year old tradition of challenging each other to grow into our fullest potential.
To quote from the original charter, Darlington was organized and incorporated not for pecuniary gain; but for educational and literary purposes, in which may be taught all branches of learning; to this end, Darlington as a college-preparatory school expects and demands of its students sound scholarship, honest and diligent effort, and the development of individual character.
The Carlos twins, Matthew and Renard, have made quite an impact on the Darlington campus.  Both excellent role models.  These boys will leave quite a legacy when they leave us in May.”


The Hill School
717 East High Street, Pottstown PA, 19464
2009 – 2013         Cassie Borelly, Carson Stevens
Matt Mulhern, Director of Financial Aid – “The Hill School is an independent, not-for-profit coeducational college preparatory boarding school, offering Honors courses, as well as 25 Advanced Placement courses. Our mission is to prepare students from across the United States and around the world for excellence in college, careers, and life.
We provide personal attention and support; we nurture our students in “mind, body, and spirit” and prepare them for both independence and success in college, careers, and life. Hill teachers take their ‘in loco parentis’ role seriously, working in partnership with Hill parents.
Both Cassie and Carson are blossoming in many different ways and we hope to continue to guide them along their journey here at The Hill.”


Holland Hall
5666 East 81st Street, Tulsa OK, 74137
2009 – 2013         Molly Schale, Kimani Williams
Richard P. Hart, Director of Admissions – “Holland Hall is an independent, coeducational day school that provides a challenging, comprehensive educational experience grounded in a rigorous liberal arts, college preparatory curriculum that promotes critical thinking and life-long learning.
100% of Holland Hall graduates attend post high school-graduate educational opportunities. Holland Hall is one of only three Oklahoma educational institutions to belong to the Center for Academic Integrity and one of 32 independent schools nationwide to belong to the prestigious School Year Abroad consortium.
Molly has been in good academic standing throughout her educational career at the school. She is part of the schools crew team and POP (Peer of Peers).  Kimani is new to the Holland Hall community, where she consistently earns high academic marks. She has volunteered with Youth at Heart a local charitable organization that works with young children.”


Holton-Arms School
7303 River Road, Bethesda MD, 20817
2009 – 2013         Alexandra Berthiaume, Sachi Khemka
Mariana Williams, Director of Admissions – “The mission of the Holton-Arms School is to cultivate the unique potential of young women through ‘education not only of the mind, but of the soul and spirit.’
The school admits girls with strong academic interests and abilities who wish to enjoy and contribute to the life of the school community. Our student body reflect a diversity that includes academic, economic, cultural, racial, and ethnic differences.
Alexandra and Sachi are truly among our most deserving students, and we are proud to have them as members of our community. They excel in academics, in leadership, and are involved in the life of the School.”


Indian Springs School
190 Woodward Drive, Indian Springs AL, 35124
 2009-2013        Jackson Dillard, Makayla Phillips
Victoria E. Arrand, Director of Development ~ “The mission of Indian Springs is to develop in students a love of learning, a sense of integrity and moral courage, and an ethic of participating citizenship.
Indian Springs School was the brainchild of Harvey G. Woodward, a Birmingham industrialist who attended M.I.T. and who wanted to establish a school in his home state to ‘train young men for a lifetime of learning.’
Indian Springs is fortunate to be one of serveral public and private schools in Birmingham that reach out to talented, motivated students to engage them in a thoughtful and challenging academic community. We are thrilled that Jackson and Makayla will be a part of the ISS community and the Acworth Scholars Program. The support you generously bestow is greatly appreciated. For this we are extremely grateful. 


Isidore Newman School
1093 Jefferson Avenue, New Orleans LA, 70115
2007-2011       Sabrina Roussel, Ashkan Saljaghi-Badioio, Brinda Thangada
Sabrina Pilant, Director of Advancement~ “When financier and philanthropist Isidore Newman founded the Isidore Newman Manual Training School in 1903, he envisioned a superior education for the children of New Orleans. Over the past 100 plus years, Mr. Newman’s school has developed into one of the nation’s finest college preparatory institutions.
We would like to thank the Acworth Foundation for their support of student scholarships. Newman shares your commitment to educate promising, talented, high-achieving students regardless of socio-economics. Please know that your support is making a positive difference in the lives of these three students as well as the school community. 


Maret School
3000 Cathedral Avenue NW, Washington DC, 20008
2008-2012        Jannette Alston, Azania Toure
Marjo Talbott, Head of School ~”We encourage both a deep sense of each person’s accountability to the school community and a relaxed atmosphere, unencumbered by elaborate rules. We applaud high achievement while promoting a philosophy of nurtured risk taking. Within a climate of trust, honesty, and respect, the Maret community strives to develop in each individual the process of critical thinking and the capacity to act decisively, thoughtfully, and responsibly.
We are so appreciative of the Acworth Foundation’s support and are pleased to report back to you on your Acworth Scholars; Jannette Alston and Azania Toure. They are both doing such a terrfic job of living up to the ideals and spirit of the Acworth Scholarship Award. Both young women are thoughtful, intellectual contributors to the School, with a conscientious and enthusiastic approach to learning. We are very proud of their efforts. We are so happy to partner with the Acworth Foundation to assist exceptional students with their academic pursuit. Thank you once again for your generous support of Maret.”


Milton Academy
170 Centre Street, Milton MA, 02186
2007-2008        Robert Bedetti, Chloe Michaelidis, Melissa Santos
Dr. Robin Robertson, Head of School ~ “Milton’s Bicentennial in 1998 marked the Academy’s charter, given in 1798 under the Massachuesetts land-grant policy. It bequeathed to the school a responsibility to ‘open the way for all the people to a higher order of education’.
Milton’s motto, “Dare to be True,” not only states a core value, it describes Milton’s culture. Milton fosters intellectual inquiry and encourages initiative and an open exchange of idea.
Milton’s goal is to help students embrace a world larger than the one they know, to broaden their grasp of that world, and to deepen their understanding of themselves. The faculty asks a lot of students — to make a rigorous commitment to thinking and doing in every activity they undertake and to take responsibility for their learning; for those who make that commitment and take on that responsibility, the rewards are deep and lasting — a foundation not just for learning but for living as well. Thank you Acworth Foundation for the generosity with Robert, Chloe, and Melissa.”   


The Packer Collegiate Institute
170 Joralemon Street, Brooklyn NY, 11201
2010-2013         Pharaoh Sutton-Jackson
Lynn B. Bunis, Director of Development ~ “The mission of The Packer Collegiate Institute is grounded in its rich traditions while embracing the future, Packer is a diverse community that balances the importance of scholarship and the intellect with the value of deep, sustained relationships. Guided by dedicated  adults, dynamic students are challenged to develop talents, pursue aspirations, and become empathetic, responsible, globally-minded women and men.
 Packer provides its students with a rich and challening academic program to encourage them to appreciate and become productive members of the diverse community both within and beyond its walls. The school reflects a strong commitment to the integration of technology in teaching and learning through a comprehensive wireless program that has attracted national attention.


The Park School
2425 Old Court Road, Baltimore MD, 21208
2008-2012     Prayag George Chatha, Noble Cook Ingram
Roger Sieidenman, Director of Development~ ” Small classes (an average of 15 students) and close faculty-student relationships are integral to the Park education. Students at Park are alert, curious, and eager to ask questions. They offer their opinions freely and listen and respond to the views of others. They are proud of their work and proud of their school. Debate and discussion, substantial writing and reading, questioning and experimenting are basic modes of learning.
We can’t thank you enough for providing this wonderful opportunity for two deserving young people. We are very grateful that you chose Park School. You have been kept appraised of the progress of our Acworth Scholars. I hope that you are pleased with their success as we are. Prayag Chatha and Noble Ingram are each valued members of the Park School community and we remain deeply grateful for your generosity in making this possible.”


Providence Day School
5800 Sardis Road, Charlotte NC, 28270
2009-2012        Danny Pham, Haamid Williams
Kathy Cox, Director of Admissions ~ “Providence Day School exists to inspire in its students a passion for learning, a commitment to personal integrity, and a sense of social responsibility. Academic integrity is of primary importance.
Providence Day School has established a student run Honor Council to assure an atmosphere of optimum trust (Honor Code).
The school offers a Global Studies Diploma, a rigorous program consiting of required and elective courses in all disciplines, extracurricular and global cross cultural experiences, and a global research project. The goals of the program are to give students a variety of academic and non-academic experiences to enrich their college preparatory curriculum and to instill in them a global perspective. Danny and Haamis are distinguishing themselves as rising leaders in our community. We are proud of their growth, and deeply grateful for your support. 


San Fransisco University High School
3065 Jackson Street, San Fransisco CA, 94115
2009-2013      Maria Valentina Cannavo, Dmitry Smirnov
Rachel Skiffer, Director of Admission~ “University High School welcomes students of demonstrated motivation and ability to engage in an education that fosters responsibility and the spirited pursuit of knowledge. We are a school where adults believe in the promise of every student, and together we work to build and sustain a community of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents. UHS challenges each individual to live a life of integrity, inquiry, and purpose larger than the self.
Coaches and athletes work together to make all levels of sports at University High School enjoyable and educational. UHS offers a full interscholastic sports program and has demonstrated a remarkable level of sustained athletic success in each of the three areas of athletic department focus: participation, achievement, and honor. With over 70% of the students participating in at least one interscholastic sport each year, UHS students find fun, competition, and friendships on our teams.
 Your award to students Maria Valentina Cannavo and Dmitry Smirnov, is valued not only for the tangible benefit it provides these deserving students, but also for the culture of support and involvement it creates.”


Savannah Country Day School
824 Stillwood Drive, Savannah GA, 31419
2009-2013      Shouron Ghassenlou, Kendrick L. Hodges
Terri S. Barfield, Director of Admissions ~ “Savannah Country Day School brings together students from diverse backgrounds and abilities in the quest to develop superior scholarship, character, and integrity. We are firmly committed to our 50-year history of bringing a comprehesive college preparatory education to boys and girls of all economic backgrounds, while educating our students to live thoughtfully in a complex and changing society. We endorse the tradition of excellence, not only in academic studies but also in athletics, the fine arts, and community service.
The Honor Code is central to the mission of the Upper School at the SCDS. Every student is honor-bound to refrain from lying, cheating, and stealing. Every member of the school community takes an active role in adhering to, upholding, and promoting our Honor Code.
Savannah Country Day has been blessed with an extraordinary assemblage of talented people. Thank you again for your support of Kendrick and Shouron. 


Thomas Jefferson School
4100 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Saint Louis MO, 63127
2009-2013       Jack Hasler, Rosemary Pelch
William C. Rowe, Head of School ~ “For 63 years, this hidden treasure (Thomas Jefferson School) has become a beacon for students who continue to make meaningful contributions to our world. The school seeks to assure that what TJ delivers can be shared by future generations of students and emulated by educators interested in offering an educational model built on success.
An enduring belief in international education has made it possible for students from other countries to attend TJ every year, making it a true experiment in global relations. Students who start in 9th grade take two accelarated foreign language programs, classical Greek and their choice of French or Italian.
My warmest thanks for your support of Jack and Rosemary and, by extension, of Thomas Jefferson School. 


University of Chicago Laboratory School
1362 East 59th Street, Chicago IL, 60637
2009- 2012    Adrian Aldana, Sydney Fishman
William Newman, Executive Director of Admissions ~ ” Established in 1896 by educational philospher John Dewey, the Laboratory Schools began as a revolutionary experiment in child-centered education. Within a few years of starting his school, Dewey listed a set of beliefs that continue to guide our school.
Today, Lab rallies around the balanced values articulatd in its missions statement: excellence in academics, the arts, and athletics; achieving a sense of emotional and physical well being; and gaining a sense of personal and community responsibility.
The child, not the lesson, is the center of the teachers attention; each student has individual strengths that should be cultivated and grown.”


Waynflete School
360 Spring Street, Portland ME, 04102
2009-2013         Asa Heath, Merilla Michael
Mark W. Segar, Head of School ~ “Waynflete’s mission is to engage the imagination and intellect of our students, to guide them towards self-governance and self-knowledge, and to encourage their responsible and caring participation in the world. Our aim is to provide a program that combines security with challenge, playful exploration with rigourous expectations, and range of experience with depth of inquiry.
We value the individuality of our students, recognizing that each will take a different path through life. We offer a rich variety of academic and extracurricular experiences to allow our students to express and explore their unique talents, interests, and beliefs. It is out of respect for each individual at Waynflete that true community arises: a community of diverse human beings who accept and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.
Thank you for your generosity towards Merilla and Asa. We are pleased that you have chosen both students as Acworth Scholars. They are both honored to have been selected.”


The Abbey School
Kendrick Road, Reading Berkshire RGI 5D2
2008-2009           Fiona Hayden-Cadd, Monisha Kumar
2009-2011          Inioluwa Adelaja, Emily Armstrong-Smith
Barbara Stanley, Headmistress ~ “The Abbey School has a longstanding and proud tradition of awarding scholarships to those pupils who deserve this recognition. Approximately 30% of pupils in the Senior School receive some form of financial award assistance. We are absolutely delighted that our girls have been accepted as Acworth Foundation Scholars.
Thanking you for the great benefit the Acworth Scholarship has so far afforded to Monisha, Fiona, and The Abbey School. I am very pleased to be able to put forward two possible candidates for scholarshops from the Acworth Foundation, stating next year –  Inioluwa Adelaja and Emily Armstrong-Smith. Ini and Emily are excellent students who would benefit enormously from being awarded an Acworth Scholarship. They are of similar ability to the two girls to whom you awarded scholarships last year and who have proved to be such worthy recipients of your help.”


King’s College School
Southside Wimbledon Common, London SW19 4TT
2009-2011       Solomon, Elliott
Andrew Halls, Head Master~ “Founded by royal charter in 1829, it is a school whose exceptional academic standards sit easily beside great endeavour and success in a wide range of other activties. These qualities have helped King’s reach the top of national league tables whilst enjoying one of the best records in sport, music, and drama.
Underpinning this success is an outstanding pastoral system supporting every pupil and helping each one to feel a vital part of the ‘King’s family.’
This is an extremely generous contribution and I am very gratfeul to you for the support you are giving Solomon.”


Merchant Taylors’ School
Sandy Lodge, Northwood Middlesex HA6 2H9
2008-2013     Noel Arjun Baskeran, Leo Henry Woods
Stephen Wright, Headmaster ~ “Merchant Taylor’s was founded in 1561 and is due soon to celebrate its 450th Anniversary. The original aim of the School was to provide free or subsidised education for 200 boys and, though it has gone through various adjustments to its profile over the years, it has tried always to remain true to its foundation. We are truly honoured to be, I believe, the first of the Acworth Foundation’s schools overseas.Merchant Taylors’ is an independent day school of more than 800 students. Taylors’ is well-known for the high academic and sporting standards our boys achieve, but also for its warm, friendly atmosphere and our boys’ support for each other and commitment to their community. At MTS we believe in the virtues of an all-round education that emphasises a rich sporting and cultural programme. MTS has always valued itself as an unpressured school where boys are free to grow and discover their own character through diverse sources of personal fulfilment. The Good School Guide notes: “The school’s philosophy… is about achievement without pressure: it’s a place to breathe and experience a childhood.”


Royal Grammar School
High Street, Guilford Surrey Gu1 3BB
2010-2012    Bull, Dominic
JM Cox, Headmaster ~ “Our purpose is to provide an outstanding education for boys, supporting them in their passage to adulthood by developing character and intellect within a scholarly community in which each individual is cared for and valued equally.
The academic curriculum at the Royal Grammar School aim to to develop a questioning, energetic, imaginative, logical and informed mind and to enable boys to play a full part in the community through the acquisition of a range of social skills.     
Our overriding aim is to maintain a high standard of teaching and learning for all boys at the RGS. Thank you for the generous offer of scholarship from the Acworth Foundation to Dominic. He is a particularly strong pupil and is anticipated to achieve excellent results.


St. Helen & St. Katharine School
Farringdon Road, Abingdon, Oxon OX14, IBE
2008-2013    Helen Dallas, Ruolin Wang
Miss Rowan Edbrooke, Headmistress ~ “At St. Helen’s, we make every effort to ensure, as far as possible that financial circumstances do not prelude a girl from attending the school and I share the Acworth Foundation’s belief that all the pupils add breadth and richness to St. Helen’s. We view school as a place where girls develop academic, social and extra-curricular interests in a lively, supportive environment. Teachers aim to stretch girls intellectually through engaging lessons, but also by introducing them to aspects of their subject that go beyond national syllabi and examinations.  We encourage girls to think critically and independently and many projects allow pupils to explore an area of the curriculum that sparks their interest. Extra-curricular activities are also an intrinsic part of school life.  Not only do they nurture skills, such as team-work and initiative, they also foster friendships and community spirit. Without financial support from organizations such as your own we would be unable to offer financial help to so many pupils and I know I speak for the whole school community when I say how much we appreciate your help. I look forward to many years working alongside the Acworth Foundation.”